We have a true passion for beer.

Brad Tiernan

President & Founder



Brad began to brew beer as a hobby in 2007, operating out of the garage of his house with nothing more than a recipe, some advice, and a love for the end product.  Since then, brewing beer has become a passion bordering on obsession.  Over time, Brad has transformed his love of beer into an ever-changing and ever-growing concept.  Through research, experimentation, and networking, Brad realized a need for a specific product and developed the Brew-4-U concept.   After brewing a custom-made beer upon request from a business wanting to feature something unique on tap – followed by the volume of positive reviews of the product – Brad realized he had discovered an untapped market.  This idea allows businesses that do not have the capacity to brew their own beer the opportunity to carry their own brand of craft brew created by them, for them.  When Brad graduated from Baker College with an MBA in Finance in 2013, he knew it was time to expand this idea to the next level and open a business that not only appeals to the craft beer consumer, but to the business owner in need of a unique product that enhances their business model.  And thus, Draught Horse Brewery was born

Lou Tiernan




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Jason Landis

Brewmaster & Co-Founder



From Chicago to New York to Detroit, Jason has had the privilege of living in some of the most eclectic and unique beer and brewery markets in the country.  His experience in sampling some of the best beers in the country soon turned into an obsession with understanding the process involved in creating something that others long for.  This thirst for knowledge, paired with his amazing palette for distinguishing the subtle nuances in the different styles and flavors of beer, have led to his ability to create unparalleled recipes that rival those he once coveted.  Under the guidance of his mentor, Brad Tiernan, Jason has expanded and fine-tuned his knowledge of the brew process to encompass every aspect, from choosing the raw materials to approving the finished product.  This passion has led to a commitment for making an exceptional and unparalleled product for others to experience and enjoy – something he is able to expound upon through his work at Draught Horse Brewery.

Ben Zelinksi

Tap Room Manager



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Amanda Steward

Director of Marketing & Public Relations



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Open Positions

Send Resume's to Ben@draughthorsebrewery.com



  • Beer-tending
  • Bussing tables as required
  • Entertaining and ensuring all of our guests have the best possible experience 
  • Accurately taking guest orders for food and drink
  • All other day to day activities necessary to keep the bar running
  • Dress per requirements, looking neat, clean and professional at all times
  • Follow alcohol awareness procedures for preventing intoxication and dealing with intoxicated guests
  • Opening up and closing out many days of the week
  • Work days, nights or weekends, as required


  • 18 years of age 
  • Passion for craft beer and brewing required!
  • Home brewing experience a definite plus.
  • Full time

Brewmasters' Assistant

Draught Horse Brewery is seeking a brewmasters' assistant (BA) for our location in Lyon Township, MI. The BA will  responsible for assisting in the brewing process from start to finish. From coordinating raw materials and preparing for upcoming brews to and monitoring production. 


  • Assist in all brew-related aspects of the brewery, including production, supplies, forecasting, recipes and equipment.
  • Maintain quality, sanitation and safety procedures at all times.
  • Promote brewery and beer through marketing and event functions, including brewery tours and media interviews as necessary.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Highly organized and detail-oriented 
  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude and quality control while facing tight deadlines.
  • Must be able to lift 55 pounds and move up to 170 pounds regularly, work well with machinery, use a forklift when necessary and be in an ongoing, physical production environment for extended periods of time.
  • Be able to assist in creating consistent product
  • Able to work independently and demonstrate strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


  • 18 years of age 
  • Passion for craft beer and brewing required!
  • Experience in a commercial brewing environment
  • Full time

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